Can the "Remember login" option be unchecked by default?



Can the "Remember login" option be unchecked by default?


To prevent third-party users from accessing SilkCentral from unattended computers the system terminates sessions once users have been inactive for 30 minutes. SilkCentral then checks in the license.

The "Remember login" option on the SilkCentral login page (enabled by default) overrides this automatic timeout. Normally when users work with multiple browser windows, each browser session checks out a unique license. Enabling "Remember login" allows individual users to work with multiple browser sessions on a single computer while checking out only a single license.

Each user may enable or disable the "Remember login" option individually; the administrator can however set the default setting.

Procedure to enable/disable the "Remember login" option:

1. Stop the Frontend Server service (see “Starting and Stopping Individual Services” in the online Help if you are unsure how to do this).

2. Open the SccFrontendBootConf.xml file with a text editor. This file is located in the /conf/FrontendServer folder of the SilkCentral directory on the Frontend Server.

3. Locate the BootConf\Options\Login\RememberLogin XML tag. By default, the tag is set to true.

4. Set the value to false to have the "Remember login" checkbox disabled by default, or true to have "Remember login" checkbox enabled by default.

5. Re-start the Frontend Server service.

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