Created On:  27 May 2010


Is it possible to access the information shown in SilkCentral Test Manager's 'Activities' view for current executions, by interrogating the Database or Test Manager's Web Services?


Test Execution results are not written to the SilkCentral database until the test completes; so it is not possible to query the database at runtime for this information. However; it is possible to interrogate SilkCentral Test Manager's Web Services while a test is executing; this allows you to return some (but not all) of the data displayed in the 'Activities' view. Further details on the Web Services can be found in the API specification at the following location:

Silk Central Test Manager | Help | Documentation | Test Manager API Specification

The Web Service below provides an interface that allows you to read and modify the execution tree, as well as start and monitor executions. The methods of this service can be used to retrieve some of the data required while the test is running:

For example the startExecution() method allows you to run an Execution Definition programmatically; the method returns an ExecutionHandle object which is required as an input parameter for other supported methods of the service, such as getExecutionResult() and getStateofExecution(). Unlike querying the database which will only return results for completed tests; this will allow you to retrieve some of the data shown in the ‘Activities’ view, but for currently executing tests at runtime.