Created On:  15 February 2012


Is it possible to restrict access to the SilkCentral Test Manager Web Services based on a user account?


Access to the SilkCentral Test Manager (SCTM) Web Services works in the same manner as access to the various components (Requirements, Tests, Execution planning etc) of the SCTM GUI; in that view, write and delete permissions are granted via the “Role Definition” assigned to each particular user account.

For example, the screenshots below demonstrate a scenario in which an attempt to update a “Test Plan Node” in SCTM via the “updateProperties” Test Planning Web Service method, despite using a User Account which does not have write permissions. This results in the following error message being returned by SCTM

As you can see in the screenshots below, the user account “tester” has the role “low level User” assigned to it and this “role definition” only has permissions to view Test plans; not to edit TestPlans.

To resolve the above error, you will need to grant permissions to “Manage tests and Executions” (as this enables permission to create and edits tests and executions).

Incident #2558337