What current HotFixes are available for Silk Central Test Manager 13.0?


Hotfix 3:

  • Fixed keeping track of any started Execution
  • Fixed dependent field update and store issue in Manual Testing window
  • Fixed clicking grid progress bar when page size is changed
  • Fixed missing 'Remove Formatting' button
  • Fixed persisting state of grid filter


 Hotfix 2:

  • Fixed display of Bullet points in lists in descriptions fields
  • Fixed display of Bullet points in lists in steps tab
  • Fixed localization of built-in parameters in calculated properties table
  • Fixed NullPointerException for issues with no inbox assigned
  • Fixed reseting page number in ExtJs grids if no results are returned for requested page
  • Fixed snychronization issue in GreenHopper plugIn
  • Fixed NullPointerException when Right-clicking a project in project list
  • TLS is not set by default when sending emails; mail properties can now be set optionally as Jvm property

Hotfix 1:

  • Contains localized documentations for following languages: Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese
  • Fixed "Tester" caption for chinese version
  • Fixed unhandled exception when you want to copy a testcase

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