What"s new in SilkCentral Test Manager 8.1.1?



What"s new in SilkCentral Test Manager 8.1.1?



What"s new in SilkCentral Test Manager 8.1.1?


What"s new

Telelogic DOORS. Integration

SilkCentral Test Manager now provides bi-directional integration with Telelogic DOORS 8.0, enabling you to:

  • Import, upload, and synchronize requirements between Telelogic DOORS and SilkCentral Test Manager.
  • Map DOORS custom properties to properties within SilkCentral Test Manager projects.
  • Link DOORS requirements to tests in SilkCentral Test Manager.

General Feature Enhancements

Feature enhancements included in the SilkCentral Test Manager 8.1.1 Service Pack:

  • Create new issues directly from manual test executions.
  • Log Test Manager users out of MS SourceSafe.
  • Transfer the test plan structure of tests to execution definitions.
  • View execution-duration values of execution folders.
  • Abort manual test executions from the Activities page.
  • Delete execution runs by date range.
  • Filter the Activities view by user.
  • Change the default date range of the Run view.
  • Test planning Web service to create manual tests.
  • Add comments to test definitions with each status change.
  • Sort the List of Values and Parameters pages.

Updates to the Office Import Tool (OIT)

Updates have been made to the SilkCentral Test Manager 8.1.1 Office Import Tool:

  • Select the destination project container or folder when importing tests.
  • Import additional manual test parameters and custom step properties into projects.

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