Created On:  11 May 2011


This error is received when running QAD-SCTM migration tool:

HTTP Status 500 - cvc-pattern-valid: Value ' Test' is not facet-valid with respect to pattern '[^\s] .*' for type '#AnonType_nameNode'.

When running the QADirector to SilkCentral Test Manager Migration Utility you may get an error that states the following:


The reason for this issue is that, in the xml file that is used to store the data retrieved from QADirector before writing to SilkCentral Test Manager there will be some whitespace at the start of one the attributes values.

Note that the xml files are stored at the following location: "C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\QADirector-SCTM Migration Utility\Config\QAD-SCTM Migration YYYY-MM-DD HH_MM_SS"

For example shown in the error message it could be as follows:

Note that in the highlighted value there is whitespace at the start of the Folder name, whereas the rest of the Folder names not have this preceding whitespace.

To resolve this issue you should go into QADirector and rename the node that is causing this issue. Although the whitespace may not be visible in the QADirector GUI you should simply delete all the text from the name and manually retype the value. This should remove the rogue whitespace and enable the migration to complete without errors.
Incident #2512898