HTTP Access Logs in Silk Central

In Silk Central you can enable Access Logs for greater visibility in to users transactions with the system, and the specific URL's they are navigating to.

To enable this setting first go to,


Install Directory will be the default location where Silk Central is install on the server.
Open the server.xml file and add the following line below the Host information:

<Valve className="org.apache.catalina.valves.AccessLogValve" directory="C:/ProgramData/SilkCentral/log/tomcat" prefix="access_log" fileDateFormat="yyyy-MM-dd.HH" suffix=".log" pattern="%t %a %m %U %q %s %D %F" encoding="UTF-8"/>         

This will require a restart of your Front-End server to pick up the new file, and then will begin creating a log entry file in the directoy:


Please find attached an example of the log file this will produce and a sample server.xml file to show how this is configured.

You can also modify this to suit your needs on the information returned which can be found on the tomcat site:

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