Created On:  28 October 2011


Why might I see an “Error” status appear on screen, and a corresponding NullPointerException in the Frontend server logs after trying to upload a file or edit an issue in SilkCentral Issue Manager?


This error can be seen when a user tries to save any changes to an issue in SilkCentral Issue Manager, or when clicking on the OK button to save the changes after uploading a file.  The following pop-up is what is shown in the SilkCentral issue manager GUI:

The FrontEnd Server log shows a message such as:

 at com.segue.radar.webgui.module.units.issue.CustomGui.getLabel(
 at com.segue.radar.webgui.module.units.issue.IssueForm.detectChanges(
 at com.segue.radar.webgui.module.units.issue.IssueForm.access$2800(

One possible reason for this is that a custom field has been used in the creation of these issues and then later removed, causing problems when trying to edit these.  This can be determined by executing the following query:

SELECT * FROM IM_Defect WHERE DefectID = ? AND ProjectID_fk = ?

Replace the first question mark with an id of an issue that can't be edited and the second with the projectid the issue is in.

The results will return, beside others, 20 columns called Custom1 to Custom20. These columns represent the custom fields that you can specify in the custom issue tabs.  If an issue has a leftover value in one of these columns, even if there is no custom field anymore, this will be shown by this query.  The query should be run to determine if there is a value in one of these columns where no field is specified in the configurations UI.
Incident #2533126