Created On:  19 July 2010


There is a known issue when running TestPartner scripts through SilkCentral Test Manager where they can be seen to run correctly but always return a 'Not Executed' status back to SilkCentral Test Manager. In order to determine if you are encountering this issue you should go to the Activities page in SilkCentral Test Manager and go to the Run details of a 'Not Executed' status TestPartner test. If you see the following error message in the Messages tab then this is the issue you are encountering.

The cause of this issue is a missing file (xalan.jar) in the SilkCentral Execution Server installation directory. This is an issue with the Execution Server only installation package that is downloadable from the Help - Tools section of SilkCentral Test Manager 2009 SP1.


In order to resolve this issue you can either use the full installation package for SilkCentral Test Manager and select Execution Server only installation or you can copy the missing "xalan.jar" file from a full installation of SilkCentral Test Manager. The "xalan.jar" file needs to be located in the "C:\Program Files\Silk\SC Test Manager 2009\lib" directory. Ensure that you restart the SilkCentral Services after copying the file.

Note that this issue has been identified and has been fixed in the 2010 release of SilkCentral Test Manager.