Created On:  02 May 2012


When an execution plan containing multiple tests has been executed several times, this will show execution statistics from all tests.  However, if the last time the execution plan was run, only 4 tests were excecuted, only those are shown in the report.

Below is a scenario that produces the different statuses for the number of tests executed, note the report template used:

1) Executed an execution plan containing 4 automated Tests; two of the tests passed and two failed.

2) Executing the same execution plan, this time only running the failed tests by selecting 'Tests | With status Failed' in the Run dialog of the execution plan (assuming we have fixed the failed tests).  The result is a report containing only 2 statuses as opposed to 4 statuses to include the previously passed tests.

The Execution Status Overview report description states that it "provides a status overview of the selected parent node and all execution plans below it", but the resulting report does not.


The original Execution Status Overview report is as designed.  The Execution Status Overview is based on the status information of execution plan nodes in the tree.  Those nodes always have the status of their last run, which does not necessarily include all assigned Test Definitions.

Find attached to the artile Execution Status Overview - All Assigned  The attachment contains a report query and BIRT template for a new report that displays the execution status based on the last run results of all assigned tests.  This report will provide status information on all assigned tests, but this will not match the execution tree status and the execution document which exists in the original report.  However for reporting purposes, the attached report will provide the required reporting information.

Using the same Execution Plan from the problem description as the report parameter, the attached report query and BIRT template will produce the following result:

Note: the shown durations in the report are test run durations, they will be zero if manual tests are executed in the Web UI.