Created On:  15 December 2010


When running SilkTest Workbench tests from SilkCentral Test Manager you may get the following error message:

Note: this error message will only be recieved if your instance of SilkTest Workbench is connected to an Oracle database.

The Data Source in the error message "SCTMSTWBInt" is created automatically on your Execution Server by SilkCentral Test Manager using the details provided in the SilkTest Workbench Source Control profile.


The reason for the error is that when SilkCentral Test Manager creates the Data Source it uses the host name you provided as the Oracle instance name. Therefore the Oracle instance will not be found and the error thrown regarding connection to the Data Source.

In the SilkCentral Test Manager help files under topic "Adding SilkTest Workbench Source Control Profiles" it states "When connecting to a SilkTest Workbench Oracle database, there is a SilkTest Workbench requirement that the TNS name must be the same as the host server name."

Therefore you will need to map the host name of the machine where Oracle is installed to the instance name using the 'tnsnames.ora' file. This file is normally contained in the "ORACLE_HOME\network\admin".

In the screenshot below it shows the original file that caused the error:

Edit this file to map the host name to the instance name as shown below:

Note: in this case the host name of the Oracle machine is "bel-tm-lab05" while the database instance is "stw".

Now when executing the same test it will be launched successfully from SilkCentral Test Manager.

Incident #2490586