Silk Central - Missing Tests in Gridview


If tests do not show in Grid View, this could be an issue with the snapshot isolation or the LQM Updater within the database.

Tests get deleted while the LQM updater is running due to some invalid test plan node-ids in the project history (TM_ProjectHistory) of the imported project. The LQM updater uses this project history to find out which tests have been deleted and then removes the tests from the LQM_Tests table.

This will prevent some tests showing in the gridview even when they are within the list view.

To view the tests again in Grid View, use the following steps:

  1. Ensure snapshot isolation is on. Run the following query in SQL Database:

  2. Execute the following update statement on the Silk Central database where the imported project is stored:

    UPDATE TM_ProjectHistory
    SET NodeID = -1
    WHERE ProjectID_fk = <PROJECT_ID> AND Action = 1 AND NodeType = 2

    Note: Replace "<PROJECT_ID>" with the project-id of the IMPORTED project. Check this ID in SCTM project list
  3. Next, repopulate the LQM tables:

    DELETE FROM LQM_DataLoads WHERE Action_pk = 'sctm_tests_update'
  4. Once the LQM updater has finished, you should see all tests in the Tests Grid view. To check if LQM updater is finished, execute the following sql:

    SELECT * from LQM_DataLoads;
  5. The loadState should be completed as a result.

Before executing the queries, create a backup of your database!

SI: 2795782
SI: 2811845

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