In SilkCentral Test Manager, how do I edit the properties of a Report?



In SilkCentral Test Manager, how do I edit the properties of a Report?



In SilkCentral Test Manager, how do I edit the properties of a Report?


Report Properties

The basic properties of each report are listed on the report"s Properties tab. The properties that are tracked are:

  • Report name - The name of the report (customizable)
  • Report ID - The report"s system-defined ID
  • Description - A description of the report (customizable)
  • Created On - The date the report was created (default reports are created upon creation of and connection to a database)
  • Created By - The user who created the report (default reports are created by the user Admin)
  • Changed On - The date the report was last modified.
  • Changed By - The user who last modified the report.
  • Renderer - The report template that is currently assigned to the report.

Procedure To edit the properties of a report:

  1. 1. Select the report in the Reports tree.

  2. 2. On the Properties tab, click the Edit button.

  3. 3. On the Edit Report dialog, modify the Name and Description of the report as required.

  4. 4. Ensure that the "Share this report with other users" checkbox is selected if you intend to have this report shared with other users.

  5. 5. Depending on whether the selected report is "simple" or "advanced", you may do one of the following:

    • Simple report: You can modify the Selection criteriaand thus changing the results of the selected reportor you can click the Advanced Query button to modify the SQL query code.

    • Advanced report: If you have familiarity with SQL, you may edit the query code in the Report data query field. To assist you in editing SQL queries, a drop-list of function placeholders (i.e., "variables") is available. To insert one of the available pre-defined functions, select the corresponding placeholder from the Insert placeholder drop-list.Note : If you manually edit the SQL code for the query, it isrecommended that, once complete, you click the Check SQLbutton to confirm your work.

  6. 6. Once you have completed editing the report"s properties, click Finish to save your settings.

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