Created On:  20 October 2011


How do you create a browser link/URL to a specific Requirement, Test or Report?


For the URL’s below you would just need to change the pId (Project), nTP (Test), nReq (Requirement) ID’s as appropriate.

Requirements - this URL takes you to Demo Project (pid=0), Requirement called Safety Regulations (nReq=7), and specifies details view (view=details&reqView=reqDetail)


Tests – this URL uses to Demo Project (pid=0), Test called Correct Login data (nTP=3), details view (view=details)

http:// :19120/silk/DEF/TM/Test Plan?pId=0&nTP=3&view=details

Reports – this URL is for Demo Project (pid=0), Project Overview Report (prtab=overviewReport), details view (view=details&reqView=reqDetails)

http:// :19120/silk/DEF/TM/Projects?pId=0&prtab=overviewReport&view=details&reqView=reqDetails

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