Silk Central - Corresponding Versions & Schema Versions


When exporting and importing projects, a project may only be imported into the same Version and Hotfix from which it was exported. This is because, between versions and hotfixes, the database schema may have changed so an import may corrupt the project.

When going through this process, it can sometimes give an error if the schema versions of the database do not match on the import machine as was provided by the export machine. eg, the log files might show: " Importing from different schema version '17.10' to schema version '20.5'

If you see this error, you need to make sure you import into the same version of the schema. The schemas and Silk Central Versions are as follows:

Silk Central Version Database Schema Version
Silk Central 13.0 14.15
Silk Central 15.0 15.0
Silk Central 15.5 16.8
Silk Central 16.0 hotfix 1 17.10
Silk Central 16.5 18.10
Silk Central 17.0 19.3
Silk Central 17.5 20.5
Silk Central 18.0 21.29
Silk Central 18.5 22.8

SI: 2886873

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