Created On:  25 October 2012


Why does 'Download Excel report template' option in SCTM reports returns 0 rows for reports with large number of rows?


'Download Excel report template' is able to export only 5000 rows to Excel. This setting can be changed using the following steps:

1.Open C:\Program Files\Silk\SC Test Manager 2012\conf\frontendserver\SccFrontendBootConf.xml file.

2. Locate the MS_EXCEL section.

3. Change the value for MAX_ROWS to 0

Even with the setting change, it is possible to export only upto 32,767 rows. This is due to the restriction of the java library. If the report query returns more than 32,767 rows, it is not possible to use the 'Download Excel report template' option. As a workaround, please use the 'Download as CSV' option.

Incidentn #2597537