What current HotFixes are available for SilkCentral Test Manager 12.0?


Hotfix 10:

  •  More than one execution deployed to execution server

Hotfix 9:    

  • Fixed issue "The executions do not get refreshed after cancelling or finishing"
  • Error when Copy/Paste a folder of Tests with a deactivated Component assigned

Hotfix 8:

  • Fixed online synchronization with CaliberRM if more than one project is configured for external synchronization
  • Fixed problem of having empty steps tab if step property names contain "." characters

Hotfix 7:

  • Excel report fails with more than 32767 characters in one cell

Hotfix 6:

  • Importing requirements from word may now contain hyperlinks in the description field (either using the hyperlink feature in Word or a plaintext href)
  • SilkCentral crashes if date attribute has the wrong format in imported tests:.
  • On importing tests from excel an error message is displayed giving detailed information about the needed date format."Remove tests from this run" did not work when done from MTC.

Hotfix 5:

  • Reduced memory usage in requirements area
  • Error when uploading SilkPerformer Scripts
  • Error when Copy/Paste a folder of Tests with a deactivated Component assigned

Hotfix 4:

  • Performance improvements in requirements area

Hotfix 3:

  • The visibility of library containers cannot be changed in the library section if one shared step is calling another shared step
  • Execution Planning - Scrollbar returns to top after status change  
  • Execution Planning - Pre-defined SilkPerformer password properties are now encrypted correctly.      

Hotfix 2:

  • Test run results: Improve showing log output in Timeline by adding paging capability.
  • WSH script execution hangs when high volume of log output is generated quite fast Incorrect test steps text formatting in the Chrome.
  • Test Status is incorrect after certain assignment scenarios in Manual Execution Planning.
  • Manual Execution Planning: Long cycle names make action icons invisible (truncate long cycle names)

Hotfix 1: 

  • Improved performance for copying tests in UI.
  • Enhanced CheckDB feature with option to fix incorrect test statuses and support to fix corrupted parameter inheritance.
  • Ignore MTC Packages that are corrupted because of being a copy from another project, but refer to the original run.
  • Fixed a database constraint violation if a user was deleted.
  • Problem printing test details in Google Chrome.
  • Cannot see more than 2000 assigned tests in manual execution UI.
  • Upgrading from SCTM 2011 Hotfix 31 or newer causes an exception on updating views.
  • Set #sctm_test_name and #sctm_test_id as environment variable when running a mstest.
  • Fix formatting issue on large integer numbers.
  • Fixed a NPE on MSTest result having no error info set.
  • Doors Plug-in:
  • Better handling of start-up and monitoring of doors client process
  • Changed to com4j from Jacob for COM access
  • Now read dxl files in plug-in code and invoke runStr() on Doors application instead of runFile()MSTest Plug-in:
  • The system now sets #sctm_test_name and #sctm_test_id as environment variable before running a test.
  • NullPointerExecption that caused passed tests to be set to "not executed" if mstest wrote to SdtOut.
  • SilkTest Workbench Plug-in:
  • This plug-in will use the new Event API from SilkTest 13. This will resolve errors that could occur with the old plug-in with some scripts. Using SilkTest 13 you will see two additional log entries with the new API (prepended here by <NEW>): 

<old> Start executing script: <testname>

<NEW> Started script execution

<NEW> Completed script execution

<old> before COM4J cleanup

<old> End executing script: <testname>




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