Installing Silk Central 17.0 using IIS


With the release of Silk Central 17.0, the installation of IIS no longer uses the same process, as it will now use Application Request Routing and URL Rewrite for configuring the installation.

This will mean you need to install additional extensions in IIS.

Application Request Routing:

URL Rewrite:

Once you have installed both of the extensions you will now see these available within IIS, after clicking on your Web Server.

Now that both of these are installed and configured on IIS, you will now install Silk Central 17.0, using the Silk Central 17.0 available through

During the installation, you will be presented with a notification to say you have IIS enabled on your system.

If this is available it does not mean that all the pre-requisites for the installation are enabled, so please ensure you have verified this before selecting to use IIS.

Once the installation has completed the installation of Silk Central, you should verify that this has been configured correctly in IIS.

Open IIS, and on the hostname of the machine, select the Application Request Routing feature and open Server Proxy Settings…

In the Server Proxy setting you will need to ensure that the following options are configured:

At the very bottom of this you should have a Proxy Chain setting which shows the proxy server which this routes requests:

On the Default Web Site as well in IIS now you should also see the URL Rewrite available:

By selecting the rule and under actions click edit, you will see the properties of the redirect, it is important that the checkbox at the bottom is also enabled, "Stop processing of subsequent rules".

You should also ensure that the pattern matches the following criteria:

The last setting you will need to ensure is configured to make sure everything is running correctly is allowing double escaping under the Default Web Site.

Once you have selected the Default Web Site, click on Request Filtering -> Edit Feature Settings, in this dialog ensure that the option to "Allow double escaping" is checked:

If all of this is now configured correctly if you browse to http://{Hostname}/, hostname the machine you installed Silk Central on, you should now be presented with the system administration page to connect your database:

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