Created On:  25 September 2012


Why is the synchronsiation of requirements between SilkCentral Test Manager 12 and Caliber RM 10 failing?


There is some configuration that needs to be put in place to ensure that a synchronisation of requirements between Caliber RM 10 and SilkCentral Test Manager 12 can take place correctly.

The first is to ensure the Caliber RM 10 hotfix for SilkCentral Test Manager 12 has been installed.  A copy of the hotfix can be provided by emailing if you do not already have it.

After installing the hotfix you will also need to ensure that  SilkCentral Test Manager is enabled in the External traceability menu of the Caliber Administrator:

Once SilkCentral Test Manager has been enabled then click on Edit to open the configuration dialog box and ensure that in the syntax listed the last line is:

Once you have saved this you will need to restart the Caliber services and the SilkCentral Test Manager services.

Synchronisation between SilkCentral Test Manager and Caliber RM will now pull in all requirements correctly.

Incident #2590469