Why do I receive the error "Requirement is marked for deletion" when performing a delete and update process using the Office Import Tool?



Why do I receive the error "Requirement is marked for deletion" when performing a delete and update process using the Office Import Tool?


Steps to temporarily delete requirements using the Office Import Tool can be found in the Office Import Tool Online Help file under the heading "Editing and deleting requirements". The Online Help file is also available from START | ALL PROGRAMS | BORLAND | SILKCENTRAL | TEST MANAGER | OFFICE IMPORT | DOCUMENTATION

The knowledge base article "Is there an example document that shows the format which an Excel document should be in, in order that it can be successfully imported into SilkCentral Test Manager?" details steps to format an Excel or Word document to be ready for importing into SilkCentral Test Manager using the Office Import Tool. Once the document has been imported successfully, follow the below steps to temporarily delete the requirements:

  • Open the document again
  • Delete the requirements that you want
  • Import into SilkCentral Test Manager again
  • The requirements that are no longer in the document will be temporarily deletes in SilkCentral Test Manager

Note: It is not possible to delete Test Plans with the Office Import Tool

Step 1:

Import a requirement into SilkCentral Test Manager and receive a "requirement inserted" confirmation.

Step 2:

Delete the requirement from the excel document and import the same document to SilkCentral Test Manager and receive "a requirement marked for deletion" confirmation.

Step 3:

Refresh the requirements view in SilkCentral Test Manager and notice that the requirement (i.e. Test_Delete) is no longer listed - it has been temporarily deleted. It has not been deleted from the SilkCentral Test Manager database - we can confirm this by adding a requirement into the excel document and try to import the same requirements document.

Notice that when we try to import the requirements document into the SilkCentral Test Manager project after performing a deletion, that a "Requirement is marked for deletion" error occurs as illustrated below.

This is because the requirements are only temporarily deleted, this is further explained in the article "Why do I get "Error: Requirement "requirement-name" already exists as an Obsolete Requirement" when creating a requirement with the same name as a deleted requirement?". These requirements are still stored in the SilkCentral Test Manager database and can be revealed by right-clicking on the project and selecting "Show Obsolete Requirements" from the menu as illustrate below. These obsolete requirements will have to be manually permanently deleted from SilkCentral Test Manager requirements view.


  • Right-click on the requirement and select delete.
  • On the delete confirmation dialog, select "Yes".


Now when we refresh the SilkCentral Test Manager requirements view, the obsolete requirement should now be permanently deleted.



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