SCTM LDAP User Configuration Settings


After an LDAP server has been created, the security enabled for users in SCTM must be reviewed.

Within the screenshot below, there is an option named "Mixed mode authentication (LDAP)" within the Login Data section.

If this is not enabled, then "Standard Mode Authentication" is enabled.

Standard Mode Authentication

This means that a user can ONLY authenticate against LDAP, if an LDAP server is defined and active.

Mixed Mode Authentication

This means that a user can login with EITHER LDAP OR local credentials.

Therefore, this option does not need selected enable LDAP.
This is only selected if both LDAP and local credentials need to be used.

For either authentication mode, a user can only be logged in when their username exists in the Silk Central database.
An LDAP username for each user must be entered into the "login" field within SCTM and stored within the system.

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