Created On:  27 October 2010


Error Failed to execute DDL statement...the object is dependent on column ‘IsPartOfSuite’ on MSSQL.


The above error can occur during a SQL database schema upgrade of SilkCentral Test Manager as part of SilkCentral upgrade. The following things can be checked to identify and fix the problem:

1. Ensure that the user that has been configured to connect to the SCTM database from the Test Manager | Administration | System | Database section is the same user that was used originally to create the SCTM database during the initial installation and set up of Test Manager.

2. Ensure that the above user has sufficient privileges as mentioned below:


3. In some cases it has been identified that above mentioned privileges don't work and the database user may have to be assigned a “sysadmin” Server Role to perform the above schema update.

In some environments it may be possible to use the default "sa" account, however where this default account is disabled it may be required to assign “sysadmin” Server Role to the user that is used for the database connection from SilkCentral Test Manager.
Incident #2475525