Created On:  26 September 2011


A mapping-file-processing "cvc-minInclusive-valid:value '0' is not facet-valid with respect to minInclusive '1' for type ‘#AnonType_headerRowMapping" error occurred when trying to import the Tests from Excel file using the "TestPropertiesDefaultMapping.xml" file.


The above error is reported when the value for HeaderRow and FirstDataRow in the mapping xml is set to ‘0’ as follows:

As the ‘HeaderRow’ tag in the mapping file denotes the row in the Excel spreadsheet in which TestManager searches for the column headers and the ‘FirstDataRow’ tag denotes the row in the Excel spreadsheet in which Test Manager seeks for the first test data, these cannot be set to ‘0’.

The default mapping file (TestPropertiesDefaultMapping.xml) is located in the below path (depending on the OS used):

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SilkCentral\OfficeImportMappingFiles\testplan (xp/win 2003)
C:\ProgramData\SilkCentral\OfficeImportMappingFiles\testplan (win 2008/win7)

The error can be resolved,by opening the xml file in a text editor like notepad and changing these to their default values (as below) or to any valid value:

Incident #2523233