various questions in using SilkMobile

I have been using Silk Mobile on an Android app testing project for about two months and have encountered a few problems. Here is the list of them on which hopefully someone could shed some light:

1. Swipe works for some part of the application but for some other part it does not work. And when it is not working, even event recording does not work either, but with finger I still can swipe the screen.

2. The same application is running two devices. The native method works on the device (a phone) that was used to extract all the object mapping, but does not work on the other device (a tablet). I followed the Help file to instrument the app on both devices. The odd thing is, for the tablet, it works occasionally, but most of the time is not working. Is the randomness a bug?

3. Speaking of randomness, some other scripts also have a similar sometimes pass/sometimes fail symptom. I am wondering if this relates to the screen synchronization. I used APIs like SwipeWhiteNotFound, WaitForElement, Sleep and Sync. I understand what Sync does, but how to decide sensitivity? I noticed that the parameter has been changed to changeAccepted, but unfortunately there is no documentation on how to use it.

4. Finally the documentation is just outdated including some wiki pages here that are still demonstrating the old version of SilkMobile.

Many thanks!