Signature field

Hi there, 

     I have a scenario where I have to sign in the e-signature field and then the "Save and Submit" button gets enabled. So far I am not able to find any signature command in Silk Mobile help section. Can anyone point me to the right direction.

Mobile OS: Android

SM Version: 9.2

Before E-Sign Screen

After E-Sign Screen

Ali V.

  • Hi Ali

    There are no specific commands in Silk Test which allow you to perform the signing of a signature. What I would recommend in this type of scenario is to use "Event Recording" (this is accessible from the device menu). Once Event Recording is open, you can press the record button and then perform the signature actions on the Android device.

    If the signature works on replay, then you can add the event to your test case.

    Please let me know if this helps?



  • Verified Answer

    Hi John,

         I already tried that option that you mentioned but "Event Recording" does not work on the signature field. However I was able to get the "Save & Submit" button enabled by trying something and it worked. I was able to recognize the signature text area and was able to click it. In the app that I am automating, it doesn't require a specific length for a signature so a simple click that puts a "period" on the field registers as a signature and enables the "save & submit" button.

         Thanks for your reply.


    Ali V.