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     I have automated 30 test cases on my laptop using Silk Mobile and execute them using HP UFT. I can transfer the scenarios and open them in a different PC/laptop, how can I transfer the Object Repository from one PC to another? I am running the current version of SM (7.3.60) on both machines.


Ali V.

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    Hi Ali

    If you want to transfer an Object Repository, you can do the following:

    1. Go to the Silk Mobile Project directory folder e.g C:\Users\****\workspace\Test_Project
    2. Copy the 'default' folder and/or any other folder for another repository zone
    3. Copy the corresponding xml file e.g 'default.xml' 
    4. Paste these into the project folder on the new machine.

    Alternatively, you can simply copy the entire Project Folder over to the new Machine and open this in Silk Mobile. 



  • Thanks Colin, sorry I was out for couple of days. I will try the following steps and definitely let you know if any issue comes up.

    Ali V.