Silk Performer Integration with LoadRunner Enterprise


Hello Team,

While integrating Silk Performer  Patch 3 version with LoadRunner Enterprise 2022 R1 below steps I did.

- Provide LoadRunner Server URL.

- Username and Password

- Click Next

- Got Error saying No Domain Found.

User is having Site Admin on LoadRunner Enterprise.

May I know what is the root cause of this issue ?

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    Hi Amit,

    What have you specified for the URL in the upload dialog?

    If the LRE instance is single-tenant, you should specify just the URL:

    Format: <LREServerURL>

    If the instance is multi-tenant, you must specify the tenant.

    Format: <LREServerURL>/<TenantName>/?tenant=<tenantID>
    Tenants can be found at <LREServerURL>/Site/SiteManagement/tenants



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    We are using URL like https:\\<LREServerURL>\LoadTest. FYI - We're not using Site Management.

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