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Allow Folder as Datafile

Status : New Idea

The need to specify a datafile forces the projectfile to be edited to change file names. If yo run your tests via SCTM you can specify attributes to change fiilenames to use, without changing any programming. If the datafiles are maintained by other stuff, they can change the files in their Git-Repository and change the attribute value in SCTM. Thats it !

By now the project file can store a folder in the datascource section , but the content isn't copied to the agents.

The only changes to  improve the combination of SCTM and silk performer are

  • allow folders in the "add datafile dialog"
  •  copy a folder with content to the agents.

I think that this is not a major effort, but the outcome is great:

Test engineers can change datafiles usage in SCTM without  changing projectfile in development.


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