Adding an Application Profile for Firefox and Chrome

over 8 years ago

This video demonstrates the process of adding Firefox and Chrome as additional recording browsers for Silk Performer protocol level recordings.

Creating an Application Profile

1. In Silk Performer browse to Settings | System | Recorder | Application Profiles

2. Under the Application Profiles list, select Add - this will load the Application Profile screen.

3. In the application profile field enter 'Mozilla Firefox' or 'Chrome'.

4. Select the Browse button beside the Application Path field, and search for the Mozilla Firefox/Chrome executable . Once located select 'Open'.

5. Under the Application Type list, select 'Mozilla Firefox/Chrome' and for the Protocol select Web. Click OK.

The Application profile will now be listed in the Silk Performer Application profile list (Silk Performer | Settings | System | Recorder | Application Profiles).

You can now select either browser from the drop down list in the Model Script dialog in Silk Performer workbench.


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