Can we convert the class of an object to access the associated functions of the updated class

Hi Team,

My AUT declared an object as RadioButton (also confirmed from inspector.exe), however Silk Spy gets it as PushButton (unsure of the cause). 

The requirement is to verify the state of the object (selected or unselected), however as the object being considered as PushButton by Silk could not confirm the same.

I am trying to convert the class from PushButton to RadioList/Button so that I can use GetSelectedItem() function that comes with RadioList.

Played with Manage Custom Controls, all I understood was that we can incorporate few functions to a custom class so that they can be used on an object but could not get a way to have getSelectedItem() for an object of type Pushbutton, or I might be missing a way to achieve it. Please help me thank you in advance.