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Executions longer than 90 seconds in RDP

Hello, i have a problem with silk test classic and open agent, i have created a silk Test version 21.0 script, which lasts more than 120 seconds, and is run by a silk performer 21.0 project in a remote desktop session. I noticed that all the silktest scripts that run in times longer than 90 seconds in other RDP session no longer respond, as if they remained frozen without giving any errors, while all the others that run in times shorter than 90 seconds work correctly. Why?

Thank you
  • Hi  

    The behaviour that you describe would indicate that the RDP session has either been closed or minimized.

    When an RDP session is closed or minimized whist executing a Silk Test, can lead to anomalous results, such as object not found errors or the tests hanging.

    You state the test is executed by Silk Performer, does it complete execution successfully if you perform a "Try Script" locally without RDP?