Load tests with rendezvous point in SRL

We have VuGen 12.5x scripts with rendezvous points built using web http/html protocol. We are unable to create a load test in SRL with rendezvous point. 

As per the SRL 3.7 documentation, looks like LoadRunner rendezvous points are supported.  

Not sure, If I am missing some steps/process. 



  • Pretty much it is just hope and pray...I went round and round with SRL support trying to find out what was the default polity and timeout for rendezvous points in SLR...they pointed me at the LR docs...I asked where do you see that information in SLR and they could not tell me and I could not find it...on runtime setting or while the test is running do you see it like you do in a LR controller or the % release or timeout is configurable....seemed to have worked but have not metrics on if it really did or how in the results. 

    Kind of poor to enable an option but not give us anyway to view or configure it.


  • The default policy is to release Vusers only when all Vusers for a script arrives at the rendezvous point. Otherwise, they'll be released when timeout (30 minutes).

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