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Keep/Save Script Runtime settings at scenario level for scripts loaded/sync from a Git repository

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

We observed that, Scenario Runtime settings are getting override when reloading/sync the scripts from Git Repository.

We will be using same test script in different test scenarios/LoadTests based on the objective of the test. Example:  Same script will be used in different Tests like - smoke test scenario, Peak load test scenario, Soak Test scenario, Test data creation scenario etc. depending on the need of test.

When ever we have application journey changes/code changes, we will update the scripts and upload to Git (for version management) and Sync them to SRL.

When we do the above, all the scenarios runtime settings for the updated script is getting override by uploaded script RTS. Hence every time we update the script, we have to update test scenario RTS where the efforts are more.

To avoid this, we suggest to save the RTS of a script at scenario level i.e. independent of script being updated/synced (like in Performance Center). This saves the efforts of updating scenario's every time when script is updated.



Madhu T