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LoadRunner: Separate the dynamic writing of files under C:\Program Files\

Gopinath Durgaiyanaidu Gopinath Durgaiyanaidu
Status : New Idea

Currently the LoadRunner (LRC & LRE) tools install on the users' desktop writes some dynamic files and folders underneath the C:\Program Files\ install location. Our information security has flagged this as an anti-pattern and enforce policy to block the writing of files in the default location. I suggest to have either the temporary files be written in C:\Windows\Temp or another configurable Temp location to comply with the security standards and enabling the tools to function smoothly.

  • This is a much-needed update for LoadRunner client installation, in order to get wider acceptance and adoption from Developers & other enterprise IT teams.  LoadRunner client s/w (especially the LR-VuGen IDE) be packaged like other Developer IDEs like IntelliJ, eclipse etc, which doesn't need folder-level write-permissions under C:\program files, and the temp or user-generated files will be C:\users\<windows-id>\AppData\Local\JetBrains\.....

  • This will help us