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LR Cloud Percentiles in LR Report

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Thanks for the idea, we will work on it. 

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2 months ago

Hello Team,
Based on the feedback provided for this Support Ticket: LoadRunner Cloud - SD00421337 we are logging this ticket.

We are using LR - Cloud to execute Load Tests and we would want to have 99.9%tile in the LR Report (Analysis Report).
Could you please guide us how can we have 99.9%tile in the report? In LR Cloud, we can get Percentiles only for a whole number (90, 95, 98 ,99, etc.).
But we need this for a decimal value for 99.9%tile which is currently not allowing to type a ‘.’ In the dropdown to select/edit the percentile. Are there any specific settings/configurations we need to change/update? Request you to please share a Teams Meeting invite anytime between 10 am to 6 pm IST on Weekdays.
We are using the below account details:

Name: Bhavin Chheda
EMail ID:
Phone: +91-9892170223

Pranali Shirodkar
+91 8291717439


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  • Hello Team,

    Did you get a chance to look into this New Idea ID: 2870499.

    Kindly let us know an ETA by when this can be implemented as we are missing on critical Client deliverables as we have committed that using Load Runner Cloud, we would be able to publish 99.9%tiles in the LR Report.