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Provide option to download full test results that can be analysed in "Analysis".

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 1 year ago


It would be valuable to have the option to download the full results (.lrr) post test execution from Stormrunner, which can be viewed and analysed in LR Analysis module.  As the built in analysis within Stormrunner is still evolving with every release and seems lacking when compared to LR Analysis in areas it would be good to have this option made available as the engineers on field and clients are used to seeing the graphs and metrics that can be easily retrieved using LR Analysis when the full set of results are available.



  • This is should be a great feature. LRC should consider this idea and should put in their new feature bucket. I really recommend this idea!

  • Anyone who's interested to share feedback on LRC analysis in person, please submit a service request and ask to be contacted by LRC product manager. The LRC dashboard is rapidly evolving, we can discuss any gap you might have, some might already be supported and others could be on our roadmap - I will be happy to speak with you. 


  • I am with Optum and this feature is something we would highly push for.  Would make reporting results up the chain so much better.

  • @levins 

    Hi mate,

    Does the new forthcoming functionality apply to any combination of percentiles as per the legacy Analysis module?

    For example, 

    We would want the 95th and the 99th; or we would want the 90th and the 95th; and let's say the 90th, 95th and the 99th?




    Thanks mate, that's great news and will follow up upon your suggestion.

    I'm well and truly sick and tired of explaining to my project and tech leads why the 99th is faster than the 95th.   It's absolutely mental.

    Take it you work for MF?  Is there any way you could help me push myself into the beta program on the back of my comment?  Client's site has had a fully supported SR license for the past few years and I was horrified (my first time using StormLoad) toward the solution of having to run twice.  It's just not on and makes absolutely no sense at all.

    I have raised a ticket but if you could kindly bump me up in the queue, I'd appreciate that greatly.