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VuGen - option to upload directly to StormRunner Load

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago


When using VuGen, it would be useful to have an "Upload to SRL" option.

When working with TruClient, if any change has to be made to the test, the script has to be saved and exported to zip, and then uploaded from SRL.

A "File/Upload to SRL" menu option would be a big time saver.



  • This will improve productivity so much! Let's have this in VuGen!

  • One other point here - I was working onsite with a consultant who was zipping the entire script (not just runtime files). So her impression was that this took a lot of time. It may be that others make the same mistake.

    So having a File/Upload to SRL option in VuGen that does the zipping of runtime files only could save these people a lot of time, especially when they are debugging and re-uploading tests.