How to launch a StarTeam URL from a Google Doc

I've been scouring the Internet for a work around, but I never thought of bringing this to the community.

We use G-Suite in our office and a lot of our shared documents are Google Docs.

A lot of our documents make references to StarTeam CR's or tasks. But the information is static so gets old quick.


Can you see me coming?


I would love to use links in a google doc to launch StarTeam. But the ST URL's are not http, so google does not like them, treats them as typos. 

If the link is on a standard html page or control, it works: a new browser page opens up with the starteam url and executing the page launches StarTeam.


But I've never been able to launch a StarTeam URL directly from a Google Doc.

Has anyone been able to find a way around this?