StarTeam after the AccuRev acquisition

At the end of 2013, Micro Focus acquired AccuRev Inc., whose AccuRev software was a competitor of StarTeam. I'm wondering how Micro Focus intends to position these two products in the market and whether StarTeam is going to gain any features from AccuRev. There is some public information here:

  • Hi Olotila, we appreciate the questions around the acquisition.  My name is Jimmy O'Rourke and I'm the Product Manager here for both AccuRev and StarTeam. Maybe it would help if I took a step back and explained why the acquisition happened.  Although AccuRev and StarTeam are SCM tools, neither company have been in a competitive situation with each other.  I can say that with full conviction since I've been in this space for what seems like 100 years now and I spent a number of years with AccuRev too.  That said it's certainly a fair question to ask since it doesn't always make sense to have 2 tools that at least on the surface do the same things.  We learned, in the early part of our courtship that StarTeam and AccuRev are very different in terms of their respective core competency (differentiators).  This was vital to the acquisition.  It was important that it made sense for both StarTeam and AccuRev customers as well as our respective businesses that we remained true to our products and not cannibalize either product.  The goal was and still is, not to have StarTeam look like AccuRev or have AccuRev look like StarTeam.   Certainly, being an SCM tool they have overlap, but their core benefits/values are widely different and appeal to different customers.  

    Both StarTeam and AccuRev have very strong relationships with our respective customers and many of them have been customers for several years.  We don’t want to disrupt any of that.  There are zero plans to merge the code bases of StarTeam or AccuRev.  Both StarTeam and AccuRev have strong roadmaps for the next 2-3 releases (18 months).  Both development teams are intact and there are plans to add additional headcount to both teams in the next 12 months.  

    Although the code bases aren’t converging, we will be making smart business decisions.  For example, we view Git as a solid open source DVCS tool.  GitCentric was designed to give Enterprise IT shops the ability to centrally manage and control their Git users and repositories as well as integrate the code into a central repository like AccuRev.  Micro Focus shares the same “embracement” AccuRev has for Git and there’s a continued investment into GitCentric.  We are developing GitCentric to support StarTeam and that is expected to be GA in early January 2015.  We also built an AccuRev Connector for Borland Connect so we can have more fluid integrations with the rest of the StarTeam and Borland tools.  

    Lastly, as a StarTeam customer you do not need to sign an NDA.   Of course the roadmap is highly confidential.   I’d be happy to share the roadmap with you for both product lines.  I’d be interested in learning more about how you’re using StarTeam too and what we can do to make you more successful.