Custom Change Request Window won't close when I click the "X" button


We've developed a custom Change Request and it worked fine on Starteam SDK 2009.

We are migrating it to SDK 13, but now the custom window won't close when I press the "X" button. However, it closes when I press the "Cancel" button.

I don't know what kind of information I should provide, but following are some:

- I'm using StarTeam Cross-Platform Client 13.0

- My OS is Windows 7 Professional 64 bits

- The Server is StarTeam Server 13.0

- We've included in the project starteam130.jar and starteam110.bridgeTo.starteam130.jar

- In ChangeRequestLauncher, we've overrided createNavigatorPanel method as follows:

protected DefaultNavigatorPanel createNavigatorPanel() {

DefaultNavigatorPanel panel = new DefaultNavigatorPanel() {

protected void changeTitle(ItemWrapper item) {

ChangeRequestForm form = (ChangeRequestForm) this.form;

String titulo = getTitulo(item);

String nmPrjAtual = getNomeProjetoAtual();

form.setContextInformation(item, nmPrjAtual);





return panel;


I'm not sure if this method is at all related to this problem, but it's the only place in our source-code where we change something from the parent window.

My question is: is it a known issue or am I doing something wrong in the code which might have a side effect on the "X" button? Is there a way for me from within my source-code to have access to the code for the "X" button, in order to force the window to close?

Thanks in advance,