stcmd.exe co (The parameter is incorrect)

We are getting a checkout error when checking out a large number of files on a few files

Error occurred:
ASP\Bld_IS99BOP_Lac_20010101.asp (The parameter is incorrect)

cmd is

stcmd co -nologo -fs -x -cfgl "Tip-" -cmp -filter MOIU -o -p " Components"  -fp "\\shareName\BuildStore\HV\AQS\ADV\CL.AQS.ADV.Tip\CL.AQS.ADV.Tip-\Advantage\website" -is -epwdfile E:\tfs\hicpowerplatform\StarTeamScripts\BuildMeisterPwd.txt

StarTeam 2008 (Yes I know this not supported)  I looking to why this would start happen after months of working without issues.

I am just looking advice to where to look and what might be issue.  Network, StarTeam, DB, etc. 


Again 10K files are checked out but only a few files will get have the issues and when it does happen the file is not downloaded







  • since, as far as i am aware - per information provided to customer support -, this was the outcome of a data center move, the problem would have to reside in the data center, possibly the network paths.

    if only a few files indicate the error, check their paths.

    the folder path for checkout above indicates a share path starting at \BuildStore\

    the file that failed indicates a share path starting at \Advantage\

    for example, is the latter path no longer accessible?

    individual file or folders can be set with alternate paths that digress from their relative paths in the folder tree.

    open up the CPC, select one of the files that's failing to checkout, examine it's alternate path.

    that may provide you with a clue.

    >>StarTeam 2008 (Yes I know this not supported)

    Not only is it not supported, it is 8 year old technology that is riddled with bugs compared to StarTeam 14.

    Since StarTeam 2008, StarTeam 2009 and StarTeam 12.0 are not supported any longer either...

    I cannot even recommend upgrading to the 14.0 client, because it cannot talk to the 2008 server....

  • First off, it is a bit concerning a community forums user has rights to my support tickets.  

    The reason I went to community was in hope I would find a non-Borland support staff that may have seen an issue like this.  And might give me an answer beside you need to upgrade.  

    I have been looking at networking and NIC card.  

    I do like you told me StarTeam 14 will not connect to 2008 as I did try to install 13 which support staffer suggested only to have it not be able to connect to our 2008 server and it broke my 2008 CP Client

    Just another reason to get off of StarTeam.


  • umm,

    >>it is a bit concerning a community forums user has rights to my support tickets.  

    I am in StarTeam Engineering R&D. Support came to me with your issue.

    >>try to install 13 which support staffer suggested only to have it not be able to connect to our 2008 server

    Right. Since 12.0, all client builds explicitly broke backward compatibility with 2008 servers.

  • As Anil has explained the community forums are moderated by both Support and R&D.

    There is no risk from anyone outside of Micro Focus gaining access to your incidents.

    We do still provide support for all version of Starteam, if you have issues in using older versions we will always help but we cannot promise to fix any defects reported in older versions that have been addressed by a later version of the product.

    The behaviour you describe is likely to be a problem with the class path or possibly you may have installed a 64bit version of the 13 CPC along side a 32bit version of the 2008 CPC.

  • Hi Brian,

    I imagine what has happened is that the installation on 13.0 CPC on your system has overwritten your java environment settings to the 2008 CPC as they use different versions.  I would suggest to regain launching ability of your 2008 CPC is to completely uninstall 13.0 CPC from your system.

    So you are checking out roughly 20k files? how many of those successfully check out with your current command used?

  • Yes that is correct I did install 13 x64, make sense now.  I will uninstall and see how I fair

    I have traces being set up to watch package traffice between all the servers and NAS Share (working folders)

    Thanks for your help

  • We were able to solve our issue by disabling real time scan within our Anti-virus system on the parent directory of the checkout folder. stcmd seems to have issues with AV turned on while checking out to a NAS drive.  I assume the stcmd is trying to get the checksum of the checked out file and the AV was still scanning it.  Thus it dumped the file as it could not checksum it.

    This same NAS drive houses other build pacakges from TFS and/or git without issues.  Only StarTeam has issues.  

    Hopefully, one of this days/years we'll get off StarTeam.