Idea ID: 2859445

Relocate the StarTeam APE (custom forms) outside of the user's Documents folder

Status : New Idea

StarTeam provides for the use of APEs, custom forms, to edit StarTeam objects such as change requests and tasks. In the case of our organization we have created custom forms for editing change requests and tasks using the StarTeam .NET SDK. 

These custom forms are compiled into .exe files and stored under a subfolder of the user's Documents folder, Documents/Borland/[ip address]. 

Our organization is in the process of upgrading Windows 10 and has advised our users to utilize OneDrive to backup their files before the upgrade process is run to avoid the loss of critical files and data. 

Once the OneDrive synchronization process has completed, StarTeam is unable to open the custom forms because OneDrive does not allow .exe files under the Documents folder. 

The workaround that we use to allow users to access their StarTeam custom forms is to point the user's Documents folder to the local instance rather than the OneDrive cloud instance. This, however, breaks the OneDrive sync and risks the loss of critical files and data if a failure occurs during the Windows 10 upgrade process. 

The custom forms should be moved to a location outside of the user's Documents folder in Windows to solve this issue and as a precaution to prevent elevation of privilege and traversal attacks facilitated by the launching of executable files from within the user's hierarchy.