Created On:  27 October 2010


How do you configure StarTeam Administrators to receive email notification whenever a logon failure occurs?


By default, StarTeam Administrator is not configured to receive email notifications when logon failures occurred. To enable this feature, execute the steps listed below:

1. Run the StarTeam Server Administration program.
2. Go to Tools -> Administration -> Configure Server. When prompted to login, enter the Administrator login details.
3. Under General tab, check the checkboxes 'Enable e-mail support' and 'Enable e-mail notification' and enter the SMTP server address and SMTP port.

4. Go to Tools -> Accounts -> User Manager.
5. Under All Users, click on the 'Security Administrators' group.
6. The list of users under this group will be displayed on the panel on the right.
7. Double click on the Security Administrator user that is to receive email notifications.
8. On the 'User Properties' panel, enter a working email address.
9. Select Tools -> Accounts -> System Policy.
10. Under the 'Logon Failures' tab, check By e-mail checkbox. This will enable the Security Administrators to receive email notifications if users logs in with wrong credentials.

Once a logon failure occurs, Security Administrators will receive an email with the following content:

Subject: "Logon Failure Notification"
Body of Email: "User failed to log on to server from workstation ."
Incident #2474460