TrackRecord crashes when I open, close, or modify an item.



I made a change to a type in my database (the Defect type for example) and now, whenever I open an item of that type, TrackRecord crashes with an Access Violation or a Dr. Watson error. What happened?


This problem is most often caused by a rule that has become invalid. If you have a rule that states, "If Foo is checked then store the current date and time in Bar" and one of those fields is deleted, renamed or hidden, TrackRecord will crash when this rule fires.  TrackRecord 6 looks for rules that evaluate deleted or hidden fields when you close out of the type editor and it will disable those rules, but it does not detect if a field is renamed.

In either case, you will want to either delete or update the rule and this should prevent the problem.

Old KB# 11431
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