Starteam 15.0 New Release


We are pleased to announce the release of Starteam 15.0. This is now available on


Search Locale Support

Search is now supported for locales - English, Portugese, Chinese, Japanese, French and German. The indexing process picks up the locale of the machine to decide what analyzer to use.

StarTeam Cross-Platform Client

Report Directory Configuration You are now able to customize the directory where the reports are located by customizing the starteamcp file.

StarTeam Datamart

The sample web reports introduced in the last release of StarTeam Datamart now support Oracle.


ActiveMQ MPX

This release introduces ActiveMQ MPX, based on Apache ActiveMQ technology, an updated messaging
platform that can be used instead of StarTeamMPX (Tibco SmartSockets). The MPX and Cache Agent
features have been updated with these supporting libraries which will be leveraged going forward to expand and improve upon the platform support of the StarTeam Server and its related components. This new technology will be the default messaging platform

We will continue to support the StarTeamMPX technology. However, server configurations
can use one or the other, but not both, platforms. The Installation Guide and the MPX Administration Guides contain the full implementation details for this feature and what you may need to do. For more information regarding Tibco SmartSockets end of support, please refer to

StarTeam Command Line Tools

Client Commands

•    Now supports the  -pattern parameter. This allows a user to control the date keyword expansion format.
•    Now supports the -e parameter. This will throw an exception if -filter includes M, G or U and any of the identified file statuses match Merge, Modified or Unknown. The thrown exception will prevent all other files from being checked out as well.

If a folder path is specified in -p, in conjunction with -all or -type, then only the items of the appropriate types in that folder path will be detached. Items not in that folder path will be retained.

The label command now supports updating an existing label

Now takes optional -d parameter. If specified, then a list of deleted labels will be generated.

• Now takes an enhanced-links parameter. If specified, it generates an enhanced links
report, which provides trace visibility across all views in the project for which trace the
queried items shares exist. The columns identify revision details of all attached traces to
the queried item. The rows identify the attached queried items. The report can span
multiple items.

• Now takes attached-labels parameter. This parameter produces a report combining all historical revisions of the selected item(s) with the labels attached to each of those revisions. The rows of this report match the label tab details in the client.

• Now takes optional workspace parameter. Acts as a constraint on file queries. If specified, it locates
not-in-view folders and files from the file system (the view path mapped to working folders on disk) and includes them in the report.

• Now includes an unlabeled-revisions report that lists historical revisions of selected items that are unlabeled as of the last build.


-mb This is an optional parameter used when creating a new server configuration. Use the following
values to set the type of message broker.

• 0 = None
• 1 = StarteamMPX
• 2 = ActiveMQ MPX

If this value is not specified, the new configuration is configured with ActiveMQ message broker.

StarTeam Web Client

Alternate Property Editor Support

Alternate property editors (APE) created through StarFlow Extensions are now fully supported via the
StarTeam Web Client. If APEs are enabled for the project, then the user will be shown the editor as a local dialog for updating with all workflow being fully enforced. When using APEs through the StarTeam Web Client, the APE will make a direct connection to the StarTeam Server and thus firewall settings between the user's machine and the StarTeam Server should be taken into consideration.




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