Created On:  20 October 2011


When the online purge completes it does not remove all the files that have been deleted via the CPC client.


The StarTeam purge is designed to purge files from the vault (disk) and entries from the StarTeam database.

Each file that is marked for deletion in the database will be removed along with its corresponding compressed .gz file on disk. However, the purge will only delete content from the vault when the MD5 is not shared by other archives. Consider the following scenario
  • File A is added to project A
  • File A is shared to Project B
  • Project A is deleted via the CPC Client
  • Online purge runs to clear out redundant database entries and remove files from the backend vault
In this scenario File A will not be purged from the vault as this is needed in Project B.

The Online Purge creates a table called "purged_archives" which has all the deleted content listed.