Created On:  04 December 2012


The following error message is produced when trying to force logoff a StarTeam user:


When this error occurs it indicates that there is a database deadlock and the administrator is unable to force a logoff for that user.  Even if the user logs off from the StarTeam CPC, a Java process still remains intact.

This has been detected and resolved in the latest patch of StarTeam CPC 2009 ( 20).  Please install the patch update and reboot the client machine in question.

As a preventive in the future, ensure that there is an inactivity timeout set to avoid this happening again.  To do this go to the StarTeam Server configuration located in the StarTeam Server Admin Console and select the Configure Server tab in the left hand side pane.  In the General tab you have the option to set an Inactivity timeout and a reconnect timeout as seen below:

Incident #2563985