Error during check out: "I/O Error: Not in GZIP format"



Error during check out: "I/O Error: Not in GZIP format"



Occasionally, when a user tries to check out a certain file, they will see "I/O Error: Not in GZIp Format" in an error dialog.


Looking closer at the files will show that they will be image files, video files, or some other binary file that is normally already compressed in its natural state. StarTeam does not attempt to compress files of this type because it would not be beneficial and would cost time in the check-in and check-out process.

A simple test to see this in action is to go into the StarTeam CPC, right click on the file and select Properties. Choose the Archive tab and make a note of the archive file name.

The MD5 file name includes the location of the archive in the first few characters of the file name. So if the file is 6f7552c0436e18cab77e044115f5a507.gz, you would look in //Archives/6f/7, find the file and note the filename there. In the case of non-GZIP compressed files, they will not have an extension.

What has been seen on rare occasions is that the CPC will show the file as having a .gz extension, but the archive file will not have an extension. The archive file is correct and the archive name in the CPC has been corrupted.

If someone is seeing this error on an image file or type discussed above, then the problem is remedied by deleting the file from the project and re-adding the file. This type of error is not at all common, and has only been seen on image and video files. In most cases, those file types are not important to maintain history on like you would source code or data files.

As stated, this error is easily resolved, but it should still be reported to StarTeam Support for further investigation.

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