Created On:  15 July 2010


The Cross Platform Client (CPC) toolbar displays a different user name to the user who has logged on to StarTeam. This alternative name will also be displayed if any items are modified.

Why is the Cross Platform Client (CPC) showing a different user name to the user name used to logon?


Verify that the correct user details have been entered for the user in the StarTeam Server Administration Console “User Manager”. 

The name entered in Full name on the General Tab is the name displayed within the Cross Platform Client i.e. the alternative name. 

This can be different to the User Name found in the Logon Tab. 

It is best practice to keep the Full Name and User Name the same to maintain consistency.  Also, these credentials may be cached and to clear the cache attempt both of the following.
  1. Log out of the CPC, exit from StarTeam Toolbar (icon located beside system tray) and login again.
  2. Restart the StarTeam Server
If the issue still persists after following the above steps, please contact Micro Focus SupportLine.
Incident #2464531