Creating a customized calendar



How do I create a customized calendar?


To create a customized calendar:

  1. Create a query that specifies the items you want your new calendar to display. For example, if you want to see only Timed Tasks, create a query using Timed Tasks.
  2. Queries used in calendars must have a time-based sub-query. When the calendar query is used in a calendar view, the query operations on all time or date sub-queries automatically override the current calendar time period when the query is run. Be sure to include a time element in the query, such as Task.Deadline="Today". If you do not put a time or date-based operation in the query, it will not be listed as one of the choices in the Calendar Preferences dialog box.
  3. Close the query and give it an appropriate name.
  4. Create a calendar with File > New-> Calendar.
  5. Click the Options button on the toolbar, or select Edit > Calendar Options.
  6. From the Query drop-down list, select the query you created.
  7. Make any other changes you want in the Calendar Options dialog box.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Choose Save.
  10. Name the calendar and save it.
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